Tuesday, 1 July 2014


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The big astrological news,( apart from the difficult  grand square/ cross in the first half of the month), is that Jupiter shifts signs, which he does once a year and moves on the 16th, from Cancer into Leo, where he will stay till August 11th 2015.

Cancer is the U.S. astrological sign and when he moves out of that sign, it suggests that some protection that the US has felt over the last 12 months is lifted a little and the focus comes more on the challenges, rather than on any complacency. Jupiter into Leo also shifts focus of power, particularly to forces operative in the Middle East, as expansionism and confidence (over confidence) is underlined. 

Late June and the first half of July has been and is continuing to be a stressful time globally. The cardinal T square of last month, which develops into a cardinal grand cross in the first 2 weeks (between the Uranus, Pluto and Mars and then with the addition of the Sun) is not for the faint-hearted, but it does galvanise the recognition of needing to develop potential solutions to the world’s fundamental problems, which are often only addressed when it is totally unavoidable.

Surprise and rebellion is in the air and misuse of power is certainly abroad, as is a sense of certain events being out of control. This planetary crucifix is likely to be reflected not only socio-politically, but also socio-economically, not least both being connected to the States. Also geophysically, there is a continuing likelihood of disruptions, so earthquakes and physical eruptions are potentially still more likely than normal.

Potentially the most critical days for the planet are around 4th, 8th and the 16th.

On the 25th however, the Sun exactly combines with (conjuncts) Jupiter, which can be a time of some sort of culmination of a positive event on a collective and personal level. Optimism and confidence is in the air.

Mercury, in Gemini at least goes direct from the 2nd suggesting that any sense of inertia or paralysis is shifted as policies begin to gel, and generally people will find that frustrations and blocks and delays in their personal life and work will somehow be alleviated.

Mars’ move into Scorpio on the 26th denotes a time of intensity; seriousness, profundity and some ruthlessness grow in the ether. Actions will be decisive and heavy-handed by many powers that be and late month when Mars squares Jupiter, actions may be less than wise, impulsive and are likely to be born out of ego. Mars (god of war) in Scorpio is definitely indicative of inflamed circumstances, particularly in Syria (Scorpio country) as is already self-evident.

Saturn goes direct on the 20th, suggesting that problems become more controllable and people feel less impotent in their ability to move forward, and can start to deal with challenges and impasses. There will be an increased sense of being in the driver’s seat.

Countries that may feel favoured, or somehow protected in some way, by Jupiter’s new position in Leo, are France and Italy, which are traditionally linked to the sign of Leo.

The full Moon falls at 20° of Capricorn on the 12th at 11.25 GMT and the new Moon falls at 3° of Leo on the 26th at 22.42 GMT. The full Moon this month, being in Capricorn, is likely to exacerbate current planetary tensions. Full moons are eruptive in their effects.

The new Moon in Leo, by contrast, will be almost conjunct Jupiter, newly ensconced in that sign, which bodes particularly well for the powerful start of the new, which for many may feel particularly optimistic.

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