Tuesday, 1 July 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

You, Capricorns, Cancers and Libras are feeling the turbulence more than most. You are in a state of flux and impatience. Domestic and career issues clash and relationships feel volatile. Much of this energy comes from within, as change is inevitable, notably if born April 5th to 7th. Count to ten and be calm. Uranus is sitting on your Suns. You are being awakened and thrust into another chapter, but don’t leap before you are sure the time is right; don’t push the river.

If born after April 7th, many of you, courtesy of your ruler Mars, will be finding that other people are particularly challenging and your normal assertive role will of necessity be modified, and if born in the first few days of April, powerful forces and authority figures are likely to impinge on your life, and you have to draw careful boundaries around your behaviour and theirs. Keep squeaky clean and determine that your motive is pure.

Mars moves into Scorpio after the 26th, suggesting that for many of you there will be a need over the next six weeks or so to get down and serious over profound deeper issues.  It’s not a time for dealing with the superficial, and complex joint finances need attention.

 After the 20th, when Saturn moves direct, certain blocks and frustrations in certain relationship issues get lifted and potentially resolved, as do financial muddles and hold ups.

Pluto too, if born March 31st-April 3rd is creating power struggles possibly at work or with authority figures and there are boundaries to be drawn around others and your own behaviour, if it is motivated by dark compulsions. Be honest with self.

Jupiter’s move into Leo this month is good news for Aries. After the 16th he leaves Cancer for fellow fire sign, Leo, for a year. Initially those born up to March 25th will benefit, romantically, creatively and possibly speculatively as well. Luck is in the air as is travel and confidence.

Fortunately for many of you after the 2nd, thoughts and communications can become clearer and confidence of communication is restored. After the 13th family communication improve also.

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