Monday, 1 December 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

After the 23rd when Saturn moves away from Scorpio, in his once every 2½ year shift of sign, and his move into Sagittarius is good news for you as there will develop a feeling of quiet support and maturity in a very positive way, initially for those born around January 21st/22nd.
However if born after February 15th, Saturn, before the 23rd, is definitely giving you a little bit of a testing time when karma is in the air and career issues are tough. You are feeling tired, so take it easy and do what is necessary. This energy may be repeated next summer, when Saturn returns to the last degrees of Scorpio for a few months

December is a very appropriately sociable month for you. Friends, social groups are dominating, although despite the season, after the 10th there is also a feeling of retreat and some behind-the-scenes meditation and the holiday period seems to hold a sense of peace and privacy.

Before the 4th many of you may feel rather repressed with your anger and seething, and it is important to recognise the need not to let it affect you physically. Get out your feelings as they happen. However after the 4th, all born up to February 11th will feel a great surge of energy, drive, assertiveness and indeed ambition that may be a little over-enthusiastic. Physical, spiritual, psychological energy abounds, use it wisely. Your intellect is sharp.

Jupiter is very onside now for you, in a rather extravagant fashion if born February 10th to 13th. Travel and good times are on the cards. Relationships are certainly flourishing, but there can be some feeling of over-zealousness in this area and that people are likely to tempt you to over-trust or over-expand, but enjoy with moderation.

From the 8th slightly different energy shifts as Jupiter goes retrograde, suggesting that the positivity from others becomes subtler.

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