Monday, 1 December 2014


By Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The big news this month is the once every 2½ year shift of sign for Saturn. Saturn takes 29½ years to go round the ecliptic and those years are divided between the 12 signs.

He leaves Scorpio on the 23rd and enters Sagittarius.

On a personal level, wherever Sagittarius equates to in your personal birth chart, will be where he will brings lessons your way.

From Scorpio Saturn brought intensity, depth and obsessive focus on growing the economy. Harsh lessons, and the fanatical obsession with austerity (for most, but the opposite for the top few percent) by governments, connected to economic policy have been constant. He also positively brought the uncovering of abuses socially/sexually and economically, certain market fixing/tax evasion and the exposure of the ruthlessness of our uber capitalist system. The focus on profits and austerity combined, has also created a pressurising of many workers in western democracies to take employment that has poor conditions, very low pay and non-guaranteed working hours (e.g. zero hours contracts) that has in turn brought greater profits for some larger corporate businesses. Indeed some organisations then rely on government welfare payments to supplement housing costs for their low paid employees, as housing costs escalate to impossible levels. Effectively and ironically this has created a culture in some mega businesses, of what has been called corporate welfare.

Scorpio is very much connected to the desire for power via money and Saturn tests us all for that, and alongside the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn, which can be connected to the establishment abuse of power, this has been quite an important time in our reassessment of global growth, modern capitalism and its implications and indeed its sustainability..

The concentration of wealth and power in global corporations; and international financial dealings that are beyond an individual country’s law to control, and the collusion between big business and governments, has created a sense of a powerlessness in the ordinary citizen, and indeed for some more democratic/principled governments, e.g. the situation re the powers of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

From Sagittarius, there will be a large global reaction to all of the above. Saturn will bring challenges internationally to do with the fallout from globalisation and the ever more powerful remote bastions of power. Saturn is where we learn lessons, where we have to face some truths, and in Sagittarius there is definitely going to be some issues connected with boundaries internationally and a breakdown of international consensus and the results of globalisation that has led to a sense of a greater hunger for national identity and national autonomy. In other words there will be pressure from the populous for more regional control over systems and the environment

A greater search for philosophical truth and justice will also dominate, which will rise above the single focus on money and growth, that has become prison of us all, not least the planet, in recent years; and of course that can also mean, in extreme manifestation, an even more dangerous and problematic growth in ruthless religious extremism. Every planetary position has its down side.

Saturn in Sagittarius can unfortunate create a tremendous sense of rather blind ideological self-righteousness.

Travel will also somehow be limited and possibly in some way, more fraught with danger, and a greater sense of localism/parochialism or even tribalism may ensue as a result of a drive for more national/local identity. Countries that may well be affected more than others are Australia and Spain, and the United States, with its Sagittarius ascendant, may be touched strongly, by Saturn’s visit to the sign of the Archer.  

There will be a greater search for universal truth and a desire to have more openness and honesty, and the spiritual/environmental health of the planet may of necessity become a greater focus.

Global cooperation for environmental survival, as opposed to economic gain, will become a must.

Saturn initially stays in Sagittarius till 15th June and then returns on that date to revisit the last degrees of Scorpio, where he hovers till Sept 18th. From that date, he finally commits to Sagittarius, to really do his work from that sign continuously till December 20th 2017.

Jupiter also moves retrograde in the 8th He will stay in that mode till next April 8th. This indicates that the power of Jupiter becomes subtler and less overt. Benefits and growth are more inner and spiritual and less materialistic in quality. This applies globally and in individual’s charts by influence

Positive days this month are around the 4th and 5th when the new and the innovative and the liberating are in the air, also the 6th. Creative days are around the 14th, 15th, 20th and 21st.

The full Moon is on the 6th at 14 degrees of Gemini at 12.27 GMT and the new Moon is on 22nd at 0 degrees of Capricorn at 1.36 GMT.

Sow on the new and reap on the full.

All good wishes for a happy holiday and for a saner 2015 for mother earth.

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