Monday, 1 December 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Noteworthy news this month is Saturn’s move into your opposite sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd. He will be in Sagittarius till mid June, in exploratory mode, and then returns to Scorpio, for a few months and then finally commits to Sagittarius in mid September.

From Sagittarius, your relationship sector, he will bring serious issues re others where you have to be mature and dutiful, or possibly be forced to deal with some relationship issues that are less than easy. Relationships go though potential testing times and good ones survive stronger, and are more committed, but fatally flawed ones may not. Seriousness/reality checks are the name of the game.  Initially this month after the 23rd, only those born very early Gemini are so affected i.e. round May 22nd/23rd.

However Venus in your opposite sign also before the 10th augurs well if born after June 8th. For this group there is a remarkable input of love, affection, romance, social life and positive feedback from other people will really lighten your mood and bring fulfilment.

Mars after the 4th is bringing courage drive, ambition, determination and purposeful travel to all those born up to June 13th. Philosophical strengths are indicated.

Jupiter too is still very helpful now, provided you take advantage of opportunities that are coming your way if born June 12th to 15th. Your intelligence levels are high and communication skills impressive, others listen and wisdom shines out from you. Optimism also shines out and is infectious. Much comings and goings can also bring benefits, and relationships particularly thrive from excellent communications. The season of good cheer is reflected in you admirably.

The full Moon falls on the 6th at 14 degrees of your sign, hence all born round June 4th-6th will find around the 6th a possible need to bring closure to certain issues and circumstances in life.  A time of reaping, whatever you have sown is in the air.

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