Monday, 1 December 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Heads up to Saturn moving into your sign (temporarily) in his once every 29½-year visitation, which lasts in total for aprox. 2½ years and that will happen on the 23rd. When Saturn moves through one's sign, it indicates a time of hard work, focus, discipline, some challenge, some austerity, a mature approach to life and reality checks, but ultimately to put a firmer infrastructure into one's life and to face the necessity principle in life.

Saturn is a benevolent despot and a karmic schoolteacher, so we need to embrace his lessons, as much constructive progress, despite it being tough, can be made, if one just faces the fear and does it anyway. That entry into Sagittarius will only initially affect very early Sagittarians born around November 23rd and that will only be experienced after the 23rd, just possibly by subtle suggestion as he returns to Scorpio mid June, but re-enters you sign in mid September, staying for over 2 years, from when you all get affected at some point over the following few years.

However this is your month, so it's a time for enjoyment and shining, the Sun being in Sagittarius, and indeed before the 17th all born after November 27th can find their communication skills absolutely on the mark and before the 10th all born after December 9th can feel a great deal of love in their lives and your own demeanour is very attractive to others.

After the 4th all born up to December 14th have Mars going through your solar 2nd house in a complementary way, which is excellent for financial securities and gains and determination to get that area in order.
Jupiter is very well disposed now and very protective of those born December 13th to 15th. Travel is very much in the ether in a happy way and intellectual interests can thrive as well.

After the 8th however Jupiter moving retrograde suggests that much growth and advantage is in a subtle, internal manifestation.

The full Moon falls in your opposite sign on the 6th directly impacting those born round December 7th. This may therefore be a day of some primeval eruption possibly from others … and you will face some issues that are the culmination of building issues. A time to reap.

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