Monday, 1 December 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

The significant news is that Saturn moves into Sagittarius this month on the 23rd, having been in Scorpio for 2½ years and now dips his toe into his next 2½ year visitation into the sign of the archer. For your sign, this is not a bad shift, but it does indicate a time of hard work coming up, constructive effort, discipline and a measured response to life which is ultimately successful. Initially those affected are born around September 24th for a short period. Saturn returns to Scorpio in mid June, but commits to Sagittarius for over two years from mid Sept .

Your mind is alert and your desire to communicate with others is strong. It is sociable and busy as a period, notably in the first half of the month. Indeed before the 10th if born after October 10th, sociability is strong and you are feeling in positive mood and others are very helpful and friends are valuable.

Before the 17th for all born after September 28th, you are in top form intellectually. You are a mine of information and what you say has gravitas.

After the 10th, many of you will be finding great happiness in home and family circumstances appropriate for the season, and after the 17th communications and great interchange abound.

One warning before the 4th if born after October 19th is that all may not be so calm and cool on the home and domestic family front. Your energy is assertive as is other's and clashes are in the air. Be wary of excessive DIY as small accidents are possible and impatience abounds.

After the 4th however for all born up to October 15th, enjoyment, fun, social life and children's issues are a source of joy as indeed are the arts and energy is put into living life to the full.

Jupiter is well-disposed towards those born October 14th to 16th, bringing happiness, social life, optimism and fulfilled goals, and after the 8th he brings an internal richness as well as external benefits.

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