Monday, 1 December 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

 Saturn's move into Sagittarius on the 23rd is no bad thing for your sign. From Scorpio where he has been over the past 2½ years, he has definitely brought significant reality checks for many of you, not least on the family and domestic fronts and one has had to acknowledge the march of time and the realities of life, but ultimately constructively, if used wisely

However, now from Sagittarius he is going to bring certainly some hard work and focus, but in a way that is pleasing and restores much pride and faith in life. Those initially affected are those born early Leos, around July 23rd. He will also bring a gravitas of a constructive sort, both in romantic issues, around children's issues and in creative pursuits. This mood is alleviated between mid June and mid September when he is revisiting Scorpio, but continues from mid September when Saturn renters Sagittarius for the real deal.

Generally this is a good month for Leos when life is enjoyed and the party season suits you. You can indulge and appreciate it, notably before the 10th, especially if born after August 9th.

Before the 17th all born after July 27th can benefit enormously in all their relationships through excellent communications and openness.

The latter part of the month will also bring for many an opportunity to show your capabilities and usefulness professionally, and your charms can be very helpful in this respect.

If born up to August 13th, very many of you will find that after the 4th your assertive side is very strong as Mars is in Aquarius, but importantly this may be in response to other people who are very assertive towards you, It can be a time when this can be constructive in terms of truthfulness and open honesty with humility, but other people will not hold back. What a matter is that you mutually respect what each other says say, but be open to compromise.

Jupiter is still very much on your side if born August 13th to 16th. He brings optimism, enjoyment, positivity, travel, protection and growth, and after the 8th, many of his advantages may be more internal and spiritual, rather than external and material.

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