Monday, 1 December 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

The important news is that Saturn, your ruler, moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  He shifts sign once every 2½ years and now is the turn of Sagittarius to host him. This equates to your solar 12th house, bringing a sense of potential anxiety about things exaggerated in your head and the feeling of not being able to ask for help is something you need to combat. Hard work behind-the-scenes can be constructive but beware a distorted focus of anxiety. He is only in Sagittarius until mid-June and then moves back to Scorpio for a final visitation, returning for the long haul to Sagittarius in mid September.

Saturn before his shift of sign, is in his last lap of Scorpio before the 23rd, offering for those born after January 17th a sense of constructive obligation and duty to other people, particularly in humanitarian issues or when one is working for a greater group. Obligations and duties that are happily taken on are in the ether.

Focus is on the 12th house with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign for much of the month suggests a desire for calm, retreat and inward-looking, and a time to feel that you want to commune with self, and very good work can be done behind scenes for others as compassion and service is highlighted in terms of what you owe.

However after the 10th all born up to January 17th will also feel Cupid’s blessings and the affections of others, and you will have charms and extra charisma. And creative talent.

After the 17th all born up to January 13th can also look forward to having a sense of greater intellectual alertness and your communication skills are impressive.

Mars in your sign up to the 4th suggests that for all born after January 16th there will be a real ratcheting up of energy early month, which can give great drive and ambition that can tip into some aggression if not careful. Others’ energy may feel strident, so be wary and use wisely. Thereafter, Mars in Aquarius suggests that your financial life becomes a focus of drive.

The new Moon on the 22nd, is affecting all born round December 22nd.  A time of sowing and the birth of the new.

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