Monday, 1 December 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Saturn moving out of your opposite sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the 23rd is good news. He is been in Scorpio for 2½ years, affecting all of you at some point , in terms of challenges, difficulties in relationships, other people blocking your path, reality checks etc It has also brought you a reminder of age and some serious focus, maturity and hard work. Triumphs have been because of the discipline and hard work that it has demanded.

However, before he leaves Scorpio on the 23rd he will be reminding,( as he is in his last lap of that sign), those born after May 17th of difficulties that need to be faced in relationships and with authority figures. He does return to Scorpio for 3 months from mid June just to tidy up unfinished business for those born late Taurus.

December for Taurus is a month of contemplation of the deeper aspects/realities of life, and also for dealing with complex financial issues generally, and it is a time when the superficial won’t do. Saturn in Sagittarius generally will reinforce these matters for the coming few years.

After the 10th all born up to May 16th have a pleasant sense of well-being. Travel and love go hand-in-hand and there is a helpful feeling of philosophical contentment round the Xmas time.

After the 17th all born up to May 14th are in profound mood with intellectual acumen and long-distance issues can prove mentally inspiring.

Before the 4th those of you born after May 17th may find that those first few days bring an extra rush of energy, drive and determination and certainly travel that is very purposeful is indicated and hard work on an academic level and determination ideologically is flagged up.,

After the 4th all born up to May 11th, may find there is some confrontation with authority figures and family issues may be a little tense, so the holiday period may require restraint.

Jupiter is tempting those born May 11th to 14th this month to be rather extravagant. The holiday and Christmas period may in fact bring over-indulgence and a little excess which can be enjoyable and/or regretted a little later.

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