Monday, 1 December 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Saturn dips his toe into Sagittarius this on the 23rd. This is a positive, if serious and grown-up movement for your sign. Because Sagittarius is in harmony with your fire sign, it suggests that for the next aprox 2½ years (hinted at from the 23rd, but really underway from mid September) that all of you at some point will feel a sense of dealing with things practically, robustly, constructively, maturely, with hard work and discipline involved, but to good effect, and issues to do with travel and work can be connected to duty, obligation or study. Serious thinking, serious contemplation around the higher things of life may also become part of the picture, but self-control and self-discipline are very much in your favour in the coming few years.

December is a good month for you generally, especially for travel, holidays, and long-distance communications. Philosophical and academic indulgence and achievements are in the air.

Before the 17th all born after April 15th will find study and travel particularly intellectually stimulating and before the 10th all born after April 7th may find that love life and pleasure and long-distance and academic issues also combine harmoniously and there is a feel-good factor on a sort of existential level.

Mars before the 4th however, brings a little bit of warning for those born after April 15th. There may be some war drums audible on the professional front and be wary of being too ambitious, assertive, confident and intolerant at work. Authority figures are also likely to seem rather obstructive or over-assertive. It is very much a time to calm your impatience and fieriness.

After the 4th if born up to April 11th a sense of robust leadership abilities, positive social life, constructive energy and ambition that is measured and fruitful, shows itself with others.

Jupiter is excellent now for those born April 13th to 16th.  He is bringing fertility, exuberance, life-enhancing joy, romance and a great feel-good factor and you can feel happily centre stage. Although from the 8th when Jupiter goes retrograde, the growth and joy is less visible, but the Xmas spirit of goodwill etc will shine..

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  1. Thanks Leigh. Really appreciate your clear-eyed perspective from the intimate to the global. One that weaves the challenges of where we are in with the possibilities of where we might be able to move things forward. Marty