Monday, 1 December 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

The big news is Saturn moving into Sagittarius this month on the 23rd. It does impact your sign. In Scorpio he was a fairly constructive if rather disciplining influence. However in Sagittarius he is in square angle to your sign, so a little more challenging, but nevertheless long-term benefits are gained from Saturn's challenge. Those initially this month affected are those born very early cuspal Virgo around August 24th. It is possible from the 23rd that this group will feel a little hint of looming challenges, possibly on the family and real estate front, and as always with Saturn, one has to acknowledge the passing of time and respect the body, and face up to what we have to face up to, biting bullets and making progress. Saturn remains Sagittarius till Mid June, and then he returns to Scorpio. In mid September however, he truly commits to Sagittarius, when his impact in that sign becomes more obvious.

Meanwhile if born after September19th, before the 23rd, there will be a constructive sense of seriousness and groundedness of thought and communications.

However home matters are strong anyway in the month of December for your sign, and there is a lot of emphasis on such matters in a positive way and also self-indulgence is in the air, particularly before the 10th and for many born after September 9th.

Before the 17th all born after August 29th will find that communications are vitally important to do with real estate and family issues.

After the10th if born up September 20th, love life gets the green light as do creative ventures and children's issues are also favoured, and after the 17th if born up to September 15th writing and communication skills can get you noticed, and communications in love life can enhance your relationships. The Christmas period is favoured generally.

Before the 4th if born after September 19th, you are no shrinking violet when it comes to romance and there is a sense of drive and ambition to achieve your goals in life, particularly when it comes to creativity and living life to the full. Energy is strong and positive.

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