Friday, 1 February 2013


Your birthday month means you really can shine, and with Venus moving into your sign on the 2nd for the whole month, you will all feel the benefit of looking good, feeling good and enjoying the good things of life, including increased affection from others.

Before the 5th, if born after February 20th, use that time for promotion of what you believe in and in the first two days, if born January 22nd/23rd you are a powerhouse of energy – use it wisely.

Many of you will also need to keep an eye on finances and can indeed be lucky in that area by using your intuitive intelligence, but be aware that from the 23rd and indeed until March 17th, blocks and restrictions on cash may well be to do with larger global issues. Rethink and be patient.  And bear in mind that that cheque may after all not be in the mail.

Jupiter is excellent now for those born January 26th to 29th. He brings creative confidence, luck and speculative insight, and romance can be enhanced.

However Saturn will be causing those born January 30th to February 1st to look at some realities that may be uncomfortable, particularly professionally. However after the18th when Saturn moves retrograde, there will be less of a sense that you are in the driving seat , so address issues before then. Rethinks ma be needed, but if born January 25th to 28th your ruling planet, Uranus is accenting your ability to think laterally and divergently, and enabling you to really  see a big picture, which gives you advantage and confidence in your uniqueness. 

The new Moon falls at 21 degrees of your sign on the 19th of the month. Hence for all born around Feb 9th-11th that day will be a time of potential new resolutions and new dawns, not least in professional matters, but personal relationships will also benefit from your new sense of renewal.


  1. Isn't the new moon on the 10th?

    1. absolutely it is .. so sorry for the typo error Thanks for pointing out!