Friday, 1 February 2013


This month is quite upbeat for many of you because it enhances your solar 5th house of creativity, the arts, self-projection and general fun. It can also enhance romantic interests and that’s true for all of you. It is a joie-de-vivre month and after the 5th communications in work will be vital so ensure you are on the ball and well versed. However from the 19th when Mercury moves retrograde you may find that some of your colleagues just don’t get it, or are at least elusive to talk to. Rethink methodology and you will need to be assertive in your professional capacity, more than maybe you are comfortable with in order to match others’ mood. Proactively address re finances before the 18th

Jupiter is enhancing the energies of those born September 29th to October 2nd and for this group travel may be on the agenda and positive input from long-distance is yours. Confidence intellectually and academically and luck in that direction is indicated.

Uranus however is still haunting in terms of his unpredictability the experience of those born September 27th to 30th.For this group others are hard to second guess and their unpredictability or demands for greater freedom may be undermining, but could actually kick-start you into a better future too. In terms of relationships don’t assume anybody is set in stone. People are exciting ships in the night more likely, but it is a time to take a leap into the future.

However if born October 4th to 7th there are definite indications of some profound experiences that you feel you have to undergo in terms of conflicts within and power struggles without. It is time to stand up and draw boundaries around people who would abuse power, and it is also a time to recognise the end of a chapter and to unearth some deep-rooted issues that you would rather shy away from. You have to shine a light into the dark now. It will heal you.

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