Friday, 1 February 2013


Some retreat, which you are happy often to indulge, is indicated. It can be best used to pursue your desires and goals in behind scenes fashion. However because Mercury moves into your sign on the 5th don’t neglect your enhanced communication powers, although from the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, you may well feel that life is creating many hiccups that you could do without., a time to stop and review.

After the 26th if born around February 21st/22nd, enjoy the Venus gift of feeling and looking good. However Neptune is also haunting the Suns of those born February 20th to 23rd. This long and rare transit of your ruling planet is underscoring Pisces energy to the nth degree. Positively it inspires spiritually, creatively and compassionately to an almost overwhelming degree. Negatively it can make you escapist, hypersensitive to the point of total retreat. It can make you avoid reality. Don’t let this energy drag you down – you must use it proactively and positively. It is very precious and if an artist, you can thrive. Many of this group feel that boundaries between you and others and even with other dimensions are so diminished.

Mars in your sign all month from the 2nd, indicates that for all born up to March 12th, even in retreat you will be assertive and driven in your own unique, passionate way.

Saturn now brings to those born round March 1st to 3rd, a sense of austerity, perseverance and patience that boosts intellectual pursuits and bring valuable learning curves from travel.

Pluto however is really enhancing the power to regenerate and transform other people, especially for the greater good, if born March 1st or 2nd. Friends are empowering; and you can empower them. Intelligent insight can be used to pursue what you believe in and almost magical power is yours.

The full moon in Virgo on the 25th can reveal for those born around February 27th that all is not as you thought in a certain relationship

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