Friday, 1 February 2013


Home issues can be fraught if you are inflexible, particularly in the first few days if born at the very end of Scorpio around November 21st to 23rd. However, after the 2nd many of you born up to November 14th will be feeling very much as though you will not take “no” for an answer, both romantically and in creative terms, and you will be driven by your emotions. After the 26th if born October 26th/27th cupid is on your side.

However after the 23rd, what you say may well fall on stony ground both in creative terms and when trying to impress. It is also a time to rethink approaches.

Saturn is in your sign as you know and is now sitting squarely for quite a long haul on the Suns of those born around November 3rd to 5th. He will be there until mid-March and this is an opportunity to really face up to some facts that need addressing. Karmic issues and reality checks are around you, but don’t kick the ball into the long grass, especially after the 18th. Be disciplined, austere and do what is necessary. You will be glad later. Saturn is a friend in disguise as a rather uncomfortable messenger, but even though from the 18th you may feel a little more powerless, in reality, if you look deeper, you are not.

However the good news is that Neptune, if born around October 25th to 28th is inspiring you deeply. It is great for musicians, photographers, filmmakers, anybody involved in the creative arts. It is also making you long for an ideal soul mate romantically. Keep real but enjoy the new sensitivity, compassion and interestingly, the diminution of your ego, which may well make you a more attractive person to many.

If born between November 2nd and 6th, Pluto currently continues to empower you intellectually and gives you a sense of power of mind over matter and people do listen, as your insight is profound and regenerative (even more than usual) Gasp!

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