Friday, 1 February 2013

Gemini June 21st - July 20th

Many of you will be very drawn to boats, planes and train this month, but beware that on the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde; there could be delays or hiccups in the schedule, so double-check.  Certainly for many of you, romance, travel and creativity can all meld hand-in-hand.  Also academic pursuits are in sharp focus and your ideological passions will be underscored

However work is also high on the agenda as Pisces, your solar 10th house sign is also emphasised this month and indeed for all born up to June 12th, be wary that after the 2nd there are irritations and critical people around you at work and indeed you may feel so-inclined yourself. Stop and count to ten before overreacting, even if they don’t..

Jupiter is in his once every 12 year hit on your Sun, absolutely advantaging those born May 27th to 30th, bringing real confidence, luck, growth and potential travel, and relationship issues are particularly highlighted in a very positive way. It is a celebration time. Equally this same group have Uranus inspiring you to explore your own unique individuality and view of life and also giving independence and charisma, and opportunities to break out in a new direction and liberation will be yours. The maverick in you and your humanitarian spirit is strong

However Neptune if born May 23rd to 26th is creating an ongoing,( and you have got used to this), sense of confusion and disorientation, and some sense of divine discontent with your professional situation. For once in your life you realise that your heart has to be as engaged as your brain. Avoid escapism and recognise this as a rather transitional voyage that is going to last another year. A rather blind voyage. Trust the trade winds and don’t panic.

 Meanwhile after the 18th, when Saturn moves retrograde, you will feel less empowered to make headway into a new direction work wise, so get moving before then.

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