Friday, 1 February 2013


This is a time to face up to some more complex issues of life connected to powerful and rather deeper and more uncomfortable events to do with to relationship issues and possibly complex financial issues as well, and these need focus now, but with care and gentleness these can be handled well.

However with Mars in Pisces from the 2nd all of you born up to July the 13th will be having great energy and determination to achieve, both academically and in terms of your ideologies. It is also a good time for enthusiastic travel for a purpose that one is passionate about. It is also positive for academia.

With Mercury moving retrograde on the 23th it is best to get as much achieved, particularly re complex finances, before that date as thereafter blocks and restrictions are likely to be in the ether and lasting until July 17th.

After the 26th all born May 22nd- 25th may feel the touch of Cupid, especially if there is a foreign connection.

Saturn meanwhile is really steadying the tiller in a very constructive way romantically and creatively, giving patience and discipline and a very mature outlook to all born July 2nd to 4th, and you will need this as Pluto is directly opposing the Suns of this same group and will so do on and off until the end of this year. There are people who are challenging you and you have to deal with this wisely and consciously. The darker side of life is brought to you through others. This once in a lifetime transit is an evolutionary journey and it will involve some endings and new beginnings. You have to go through the dark to get to the light. Addressing logistics in matters of creativity and romance are best achieved before the18th

However for all born June 22nd to 35th magic is in the air. Inspiration and spiritual ideals are to the fore. Your emotions are flourishing and the boundaries between yourself and others are really quite amorphous.

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