Friday, 1 February 2013


It’s all about relationships with significant others now, they have a powerful impact on you. Good communication will be very valuable before the 5th to make headway and with Venus increasing your irresistible charms it’s a good mix. You have good karma this month.

However in the first 2 days, if born after August 20th there are a few slings and arrows coming in your direction from people who are as intransigent as you can be, and indeed with such an emphasis on Pisces now, the more profound side of human connections are very much indicated as needing attention, as indeed are complex financial issues, such as insurances, taxes, inheritances etc. but beware that from the 23rd when Mercury moves retrograde, you may find that others are obstructive re finances..

Positively however Jupiter is protective of the energies of those born July 28th to 31st. Friends are on side and are supportive and your leadership skills shine when coordinating groups of people. You are feeling lucky, intelligent and upbeat and your positivity attracts others.

However by contrast if born between August 3rd and 5th, Saturn is definitely creating some reality checks and forcing you to ground and face facts and don’t not kick the can down the road. After the 18th, you are more paralysed re issues connected to home, real estate / family. Saturn is the principle of necessity, do what you have to do, preferably before then, even if uncomfortable.

Meanwhile Uranus is a breath of fresh air in the lives of those born at the end of July and is creating along with Jupiter a great momentum for a desire for freedom, innovation, liberty and an assertion of your individuality and uniqueness, creatively, romantically and specifically if it involves pushing out the boundaries geographically. So basically this group is very favoured. Your confidence and uniqueness can push you forward.

The new Moon in Aquarius on the 10th focuses attention for those born round August 2nd on the potential for you or a partner to initiate the new in a relationship.

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