Friday, 1 February 2013

Taurus 21st April - 20th May

Focus is definitely on career, even if it is frustrating, but from the 2nd your charms can really smooth the passage of your professional life. Be wary however before the 3rd, if born late Taurus, i.e. after May 17th as you are definitely in the midst of some rather confrontational energy that can come from you or others. However this same group can be feeling some joy simultaneously in the realm of private life realm. Your social life can be very sparked and your wit, wisdom and company can be in demand.

Saturn however is opposing the Suns for six or seven weeks of those born around May 2nd. This is not an easy time. Others are challenging you and there are blocks and restrictions and you are feeling tired. It’s a time of reality checks, of facing facts and doing what is necessary, even if uncomfortable. Saturn is a friend in disguise as not such a welcome presence. No pain, no gain, and the facts that people bring to your door are ultimately good for you to know. Sometimes our seeming enemies are friends in disguise, address these issues honestly and pragmatically before the 18th.

After the 23rd when Mercury moves backwards double check arrangements with friends or you could find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and don’t fret if buddies are a bit flaky.

Neptune is bringing to all born April 21st to 23rd a bit of magic. He is hyper-sensitizing you and bringing artistic inspiration. Egos are lessening and there is a great sense of compassion and your heart is on your sleeve. Enjoy! Intelligent compassion and sensitivity is ????

Finally Pluto is also very empowering to those born May 1st to 3rd. For this group there are bonuses going on which will continue until early 2014 connected to long-distance affairs, academic issues and your own persona is being given a sense of destiny and power. Use it wisely.

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