Friday, 1 February 2013


Your mind is on top form and your big picture awareness is underlined. The first week is particularly impressive in this respect if born after December 14th, and all of you will have heart added to brain in order to enhance your charms all month. Late month many of you will find the comforts and privacy of home/family extra appealing.

However be aware that from the 23rd when Mercury is retrograde, there will be a feeling of some restriction or hold-up on the family/domestic front, and communications will need to be repeated with family members… or there are some issues re home/.real estate that just stubbornly frustrate. Have patience or reconsider approach

Jupiter is wonderfully enhancing of confidence if born November 26th to December 1st. Relationships are flourishing and good people are around you. Confidence is boosted but be careful you do not push out the boat a little too far, in overconfident extravagant manner.

Also if born around the same time, Uranus is really bringing a great sense of uniqueness to your being and confidence in expressing that individuality, as you want to take a leap into a more innovative future. It is also a time of initiating the new in romance and also connected to children’s issues. Creatively it is also a time for exploration of the daring and inventive. Your magnetic charisma is shining stronger than normally now., because of a new sense of personal validity and independent self belief.

Be aware that if born November 23rd to 26th you are still under Neptune’s foggy cloud of potential illusion and delusion. Make no definitive decisions, as you may not be seeing clearly and be careful you are not seduced by false gurus and don’t be escapist and beware addictive tendencies. Read the small print in everything and in people.

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