Monday, 1 July 2013

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

This is a great opportunity this month for you all to rationalise your work space and organisation, and to focus strongly on pursuing professional success on a more routine level, although many of you may find that after the 20th things start to move much more satisfactorily as Mercury moves direct finally on that date. Hiccups and complications dissipate.

Before the 22nd, all born after January 24th have Venus enhancing their relationships, bringing a very strong sense of love, affection and a romantic frisson into your life.

Before the 13th, if born after February 9th, Mars is lending a strong intelligent energy which can be exerted very effectively relating to offspring’s’ issues, creative issues and the handling of romance wisely and enthusiastically. Constructive drive is strong.

However for all born January 24th to 27th there is a Saturnine influence now that demands maturity and doing what is necessary to put right what may not be quite working. No pain, no gain is Saturn’s message. It is also a time to look after the body and remember that you are not getting younger, and work responsibilities and obligations may be onerous. Biting the bullet is very much what Saturn demands, for future gains..

However, if born around January 31st to February 2nd, Uranus is very much on your side, bringing into sharp focus your intuition, your maverick side and your innovative instincts. This is a time for greater freedom, thinking outside the box, believing in your own individuality and having opportunities to take a leap into a better future.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the 22nd/23rd, directly affecting those born at the very beginning of Aquarius around January 20th/21st.  This group may find that this period is a time of eruptive truths that emerge connected to relationships; and the unconscious will not then be easily quieted..

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