Monday, 1 July 2013

TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

Communications with others, wise thinking, good writing ability and positive contact is underlined, particularly constructively so from the 20th when Mercury moves direct. Up to that point, it is very important to double-check that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, as there is room for misinformation and misunderstanding

After the 22nd all born in April have Cupid activated in your life and a desire to create beauty will be strong and harmony surrounds, as indeed do the good times.

From the 13th, all born up to May 4th have a sense of confidence in asserting oneself

Jupiter is bringing harmony and intelligence induced luck for those born in April. Above all he is bringing intuitive wisdom and insight, and travel seems on the agenda, or at least some planning and preparation for pushing out the boundaries.

Saturn is of course still in your opposite sign of Scorpio, bringing challenges and rather oppressive input and energy from other people, if born around April 24th to 27th. There is a need to decide what this particular lesson about others is all about, whether it is a valid one that you need to accept with humility, or where someone is oppression too far. Blocks and restrictions need patience, as hard work and reality checks are everywhere. Discipline is important and from the 8th things should ease, as you may have more control over events

However with Neptune enhancing the lives of this same exact group of people, there is the possibility of being able to utilise inspiration, compassion and spiritual will to deal with circumstances wisely and creatively.

Pluto is still working rarely and powerfully well for all born April 30th –May 2nd. Regenerative forces at work have long distance connections and your life insight is profound. You guide others well and your own sense of purpose strength, conviction and destiny is strong.

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