Monday, 1 July 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

A month to shine and take centre stage, but before the 20th when Mercury is retrograde in your sign, many of you will feel blocked and frustrated as things are not speeding ahead as fast as you want and there seems to be real potential for breakdown of communication, technology, travel hiccups etc. However after the 20th, everything starts to click into place, especially if born up to July 3rd, and you start to intelligently handle people to all’s advantage.

Mars, the planet of war and assertion, moves into your sign on the 13th, suggesting that for all born up to July 5th there will be a sense of feeling very assertive, driven, competitive, ambitious and possibly a little contentious. It could be as a result of some of the frustrations that you are feeling when Mercury is retrograde up to the 20th.

Jupiter is in your sign now, blessing directly in his once every 12-year anointing, all June born Cancerians. For this group, work and health issues are looking protected and positively progressive, as indeed are travel potentials. Feel-good confidence is around you and at the least there are strong mitigating factors.

If born June 25th to 28th, this is a remarkable time for a coming together of perspiration and inspiration to achieve just what you want to achieve, whether it be creatively, spiritually, travel-wise or romantically, but hard work will be very much part of the triumph, and emotional intelligence is yours. However if born around July 4th, you are changeable and unpredictable now. Have moderation, particularly when it comes to work. Hang loose and go with the flow. Change is in the air, just don’t push the river.

Pluto can now bring powerful challenges from others, who coerce you, if born at the beginning of July. Don’t be tainted and recognise dark agendas. Keep squeaky clean yourself

The New moon falls on the 8th in your sign and for those born around June 30th, that day can see the birth of the new. Time to sow for your future.

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