Monday, 1 July 2013

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

July is a time for some retreat for many of you, for communing with self and reviewing your past. However before the 22nd Venus in your sign means that all of you will experience added charisma, which draws people to you, and people will be drawing you out of your shell. Indeed after the 20th when Mercury moves direct, some of you will start to feel like communing with the world again as they do seem to be talking your language once more. Prior to the 20th let some retreat not make you feel alienated, but rather allow it to help bring some self-reflection and therefore increased self-awareness,

Don’t however before the 13th, neglect the constructively energising input of friends, notably if born after August 13th.

There is a sort of quiet protection in your life now, as Jupiter from Cancer acts as a very subtle guardian angel for many of you and reversals in life can work to your advantage
However if born July 28th/29th Saturn is on your case, as he was last November and you really has to bite some bullets over family/real estate issues and responsibilities and get real, notably from the 8th.

Fortunately Uranus is being very liberating if born August 4th to 6th. He is inviting exciting, unusual journeys; insights and intuitive wisdom, which can help you, look outside the box and beyond the ego. He is also encouraging a tremendous belief in the ability to set a new agenda for future philosophical frameworks and a desire to be free and uniquely you and to enjoy the innovative.

The full Moon on the 22/23rd falls in the first degree of your opposite sign of Aquarius, suggesting that those born round July 23rd may well face in that period some real home truths from others that is to your benefit ultimately.

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