Monday, 1 July 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

This may be a period to take a long, hard look at complex financial issues and to try and rationalise them to some extent and to ensure that all is fair in that area. It is also a time to deal head-on with some of the more complex and profounder issues that are affecting relationships with honesty, and notably after the 20th, when communications receive a boost in terms of directness and effectiveness.

Before the 22nd Venus in Leo is, for all of you, bringing the possibility of love and travel going hand-in-hand and a feeling of general harmony.

However before the 13th, if born after December 12th, there are some people who are a little bit on the over-assertive side and who are challenging you in some way, so tread carefully.

For all born around December 3rd to 5th, Uranus trining your Sun now is bringing a new and exciting chapter into your life, particularly related to romance, the creative arts and offspring issues. The need for a new diversion and new innovation in your life can be satisfied, and you are more confident in your own uniqueness than usual. Trust your intuition.

However if born around November 26th to 29th, Neptune is creating a little bit of fog around you and your goals. There are some uncertainties around and you feel a little bit as though you are floating from one manifestation of being to another. The dissolving of ties, values and certainties is subtle, but underway. It is a time when you want to follow your heart and your dreams, and to also some extent to downgrade your ego. This is a journey that will last probably to the beginning of 2015 and it is a very good time to let yourself float and see where your journey takes you, even though there seems to be a lack of compass. You are in metamorphosis for the better. Meantime don’t fall for wild fantasies without checking facts.

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