Monday, 1 July 2013

SCORPIO October 24th - November21st

July is a wonderful holiday month for Scorpios as it coincides with your solar 9th house of travel. It is also very good for any academic plans. Notably after the 13th however travel is least likely to have any hiccups in schedules etc., and if born between November 5th and 12th, boarding plane boat or train will be especially happy.

For those born up November 4th, after the 22nd social life really takes on a new sense of vigour and success, having done your best to use your charms successfully in your career,
prior to the 22nd.

From the 13th if born up to November 6th, you are very ideologically driven, pioneering and zealous and can persuade others of you viewpoint

If born October 27th to 30th, Saturn is sitting directly on your Sun at the moment, indeed as he did in November. For this group there are tests that are awaiting you, relating to discipline, patience, loyalty and some reality checks that you need to take on board and not run away from. Hard work, facing facts, doing what is necessary is the order of the day. However you are fortunate to have Jupiter protecting you and indeed all October born Scorpios have Jupiter bringing mitigating factors, encouraging travel, wisdom and a sense of confidence despite any challenges.

Neptune is also very much helping even the Saturn-grappling group with inspiration to know just how, when and where to act for the best outcome, and this, combined with discipline, suggests great feats are possible.

If born November 1st to 4th, your ruler Pluto is giving you the power, the will, determination, belief and insight and you can get heard effectively and this wins you admiration. Incisive intelligence and power is yours. Use effectively for all, not just for self.

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