Monday, 1 July 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

A sociable month is flagged up and networking flourishes, but probably after the 20th you will see the real results blossom, notably if born September 5th to 12th. Before the 20th there could be a bit of flakiness and it is very important to check venues, times and dates with friends.

After the 22nd Venus moves into your sign, suggesting that for all born up to September 4th there will be a sea change in your affairs. You will become much more sociable, out there, attractive, charismatic and your charms will have influence and you will simply look good.

However before the 13th if born September 13th to 15th you will need to be on guard that there will be some irritable people in your orbit, to do with authority and your profession, and you yourself will need to stop and count to ten before reacting. After the 13th your energies are more harmonious, well expressed and contribute towards a social harmony.

All August born Virgos have Jupiter in happy alignment to the Sun which gives intelligent ability to use wisdom to further your progress and certainly brings some very positive input from generous friends. Travel is also highlighted, particularly in a group context.

Those born August 25th to 29th have Neptune creating a sense of uncertainty in relationships. There are some who are drifting off and they may not be as honest with you as they could be, and you’re vulnerable to seeing in other people what you want to see. Beware of rescuing so-called victims and worshipping so-called heroes or heroines. Check the small print always.

However to help out, Saturn is now giving this group sufficient, measured common sense to offset the worse possibilities of Neptune. Positively this is a wonderful time for inspired and creative ability and empathy and compassion, which can be productively expressed.

Meanwhile those born September 1st to 4th can enjoy a renaissance of confidence, determination, self-reinvention and a sense of destiny re romance, offspring and creativity.

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