Monday, 1 July 2013

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This month seems to be all about home, family and real estate, and if there is any negotiations going on connected to changes in this area, then after the 22nd things can get signed, sealed and delivered.  Be patient before that point.

Before the 22nd most of you will have a sense of at least enjoying the good things of life. There is an extrovert life force in you and love life can flourish too. After the 22nd focus is on charming your way to progress in your working life.

Also before the 13th many of you born after April 10th are feeling very able in an ability to assess a situation and act wisely. After the 13th though, because your ruler Mars is challenging if born before April 3rd  beware of being like a ram in a china shop, as the goat in you is assertive and family issues need tip-toing round, as there’s a lot of volatility in the air.

There is also a temptation for most March born Aries to be a little extravagant and careless with finances. Moderation needs noting.  Blame Jupiter.

Uranus is in his once every 84-year visitation to the Suns of those born around April 1st to 3rd. This is a time of great change, sitting on the edge of your seat, being pushed into a new future, feeling very restless, very adrenalized, and with an increased predisposition to risk. Do be careful about having too much impulsiveness and don’t be too maverick, but it is a time when your life is meant to go through a certain revolution to do with a belief in a new future. Don’t impulsively push the river however without some forethought.

Pluto is insistent now in the lives of those born March 30th to April 2nd. There’s a feeling possibly of being bullied, or having a power struggle with someone, maybe in authority or in a professional context. Ensure truth is your sword and shield. Endings of chapters are in the air in a fated way and you can show what you are made of, but without abusing power.

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