Monday, 1 July 2013

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This month is focused around relationships, because of emphasis on the opposite sign of Cancer, and for many it may be not until after the 20th when relationship issues start to smooth. Before that point there can be misunderstandings and failed communications

After the 13th, Mars in Cancer warns all born up to January 4th that there are people on the warpath during this period with potential friction, which can be of the passive/aggressive kind.

However if born December 22nd to 30th, Jupiter opposing your Sun brings a sense of over-the-top enjoyment and indulgence, particularly related to others. It is a time of luck and happiness but a little moderation will not go astray, particularly if taking a leap into a new relationship but there are good people around you who are encouraging a sense of optimism and positivity. Travel too can be extravagant and enjoyable.

If born December 25th to 28th Neptune is enhancing thought by adding emotional intelligence and bringing extra sensitivity in your communications. It is good for the arts, music, and being near the sea soothes.  Saturn also brings patience, discipline and maturity to achieve what is necessary in a constructive, long-lasting  way.

Pluto is directly impacting those born December 30th to January 2nd. This very rare transit is very testing of your wise use of power and although power may be thrust upon you, humility is necessary. Change of some significance is in the air as the old dies and the new is born.

If born January 2nd to 4th, Uranus is making you restless. Disruptive circumstances and surprises that are very left field, possibly domestically, are forcing you to wake up and smell the coffee, and a need to take a leap into a less fearful and conservative future is in the air.

The New moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 8th directly influences those born round Jan. 6-8th. Look out for new opportunities and new chapters re others.

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