Monday, 1 July 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Your public reputation is important to you this month and you can shine, although you may find yourself reluctantly at the centre of attention, and you have extra ability to have your most effective communications acted upon and to really reach your colleagues powerfully and also to get negotiations and agreements rubber-stamped, but it may well be after the 20th that you feel that you can really achieve this. Before that date you may feel some levels of frustration.

Before the 13th however, if born after October 14th, many of you will be thinking about, or executing travel plans, although with Mercury retrograde, check schedules carefully. At the very least, this group will be feeling then powerful and determined in decisions and confidence wins out.

After the 13th many of you born up to October 4th need to be a little careful about being too much of an iron fist in a velvet glove when dealing with colleagues, and certainly if born in September, beware over-confidence and over-expansion.

Uranus is opposing the Suns now of those born around October 6th/7th. For this group, disruptions, the unpredictable and the left field are coming from other people. Everything is in flux, relationships are a little unstable, and that can be professional and personal. Hang loose, keep flexible, see where this journey takes you, but be prepared for change.

If born October 2nd to 5th you have Pluto squaring their Suns. This is a long visitation, which will be over by the year-end. A desire for freedom and need to get away from those who misuse power is possible, and a need to face up to new starts which may mean walking away from situations. It is about determined self-empowerment, but with humility and recognising when a situation needs to close, or accept a fated ending, to allow the new. Check out your controlling tendencies that can bring aggression from others. Deep buttons are being pressed

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