Monday, 1 July 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Cancer represents your solar 2nd house, which is all about money, finances and security, which does need some focus, and although that could be a little elusive before the 20th, when your ruler Mercury goes retrograde. The cheque may not be in the post. After that date you can start to get things ship-shape.

Before the 22nd you are able to combine heart with mind, courtesy of Venus and your thinking and communications have charm and are influential.

But importantly, before the 13th, Mars is in your sign, directly activating the energies in a very assertive way of those born after June 11th. For this group be aware that these first two weeks could see you in very competitive mood and very physically activated. Just take it easy, don’t push the boat out too far and be wary of being too full on. Courage and determination is yours to use for positive effect and outcome if conscious of motive and focused.

Jupiter now in Cancer and your solar 2nd house, is going some way towards giving all some sense of at the least protection, or a positive way forward in terms of economic security.

If born May 25th to 28th, Neptune in Pisces, in strong influence now suggests that you need to be sure to check out detail in communications and contracts and be sure you see clearly. There’s a desire to work for a cause that you believe in and your heart and soul now weighs as strongly as logic and brainpower. Get lots of sleep and be aware that you are in a metamorphosis and you have to let the trade winds guide you, but don’t fall for seduction or daydreams.

However if born around June 2nd to 4th Uranus is very much giving a boost to your burning desire for greater freedom and is kick-starting you into a more innovative future. Opportunities are there to be grabbed, courtesy possibly of very good contacts. Your altruistic and. humanitarian instincts are being activated and you are inspired and intuitive in a group role

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