Sunday, 1 September 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Your rationality is strong now and your communication skills and insights shine, and dealings with brothers and sisters can be fruitful, especially before the 9th if born after July 7th.

Before the 11th is a good time for celebrating and entertaining in the home, or indeed for rejuvenating it, notably if born after July 10th. After the 11th if born up to July 14th, love life becomes underlined and artistic skills flourish.

Jupiter of course is still in your sign and is now really focusing his benevolence on those born July 5th to 7th. This small, group is now experiencing a boost that can be incredibly protective or really growth orientating and that can be internal or external. It can be good around health and work issues too and any such Jupiter transit can point to happy travel.

Uranus is still creating mischief for those born around July 1st to 4th. Things are still feeling a little insecure, possibly professionally. You are restless, wanting change, but not sure what. This will be a lengthy journey until May 2014 when will you feel you have crossed into a more stability. Change is needed, but don’t jump out of frying pans into fires. Know the message.

For those born June 29th to July 2nd Pluto is seriously on your case, as he has been in fact since early 2012, so you are used to this energy. This journey is nearly over and what it has brought to you is the realisation that some people need standing up to with dignity, without you sinking to their level if they have been in any way misusing power. Certain endings of chapters may need confronting. A sense of destiny is in the air. This is an evolutionary journey and ultimately empowers you, particularly you will notice, after the 20th of this month. Because you also have Saturn supportive of you currently, this will be an important time to make valiant ,wise headway via practical, realistic and structured actions.

Neptune continues to weaves magical vibes in terms of extra gentleness, empathy, sensitivity and creative gifts, around those born June 23rd-25th. Some soul mates can also manifest.

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