Sunday, 1 September 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Some focus may be forced upon many of you to stabilize yourself and concentrate on your domestic and family security and stability through communications that are clear and through constructive directed energy. 

Before the 11th when Venus is in Libra, all born after June 8th have opportunities for times when love and affection and creative inspiration abound and social life is harmonious and satisfying.

All of you this month will find that your intellectual effectiveness and indeed assertiveness will be heeded and you are hungry for knowledge, as Mars is driving your mind, which is always eclectic, and after the 9th great communications can certainly win the day for you.

Finances seem relatively protected now with Jupiter in your solar 2nd house and there is also the possibility of some unexpected luck in that area.

Uranus too is working well for you if born the first few days of June. People are way-showers; friends are eye-openers and are catalysts for your future, and your successful ability to show your altruistic, humanitarian side can bring great satisfaction and recognition. Intuition abounds now as big-picture understanding is yours and new adventures call.

Just have a care if born around May 24th to 26th as Neptune is putting some confused spanners in the works. Uncertainties and some smoke and mirrors are around, possibly in relation to profession. Check out reality, don’t see what you want to see and also realise that for once in your life your heart needs honouring. There are some things that are too important to leave to the power of rationality alone and realise that unless your heart and soul is involved with your career, you may well sabotage it somehow. Get extra sleep, as it helps clear the cobwebs now in your mind and remember to keep a close eye on escapist behaviour and alcohol etc, as it can bring unwise actions. 

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