Sunday, 1 September 2013

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

This is a month featuring your solar 5th house of leisure, pleasure, romance and benefits from offspring and creative ventures and gifts in communications, whether it be writing or speaking, abound before the 9th, particularly if born after May 5th.

After the 11th when Venus moves into your opposite sign, all born up to May 13th have an extra romantic sparkle in their eye. Others will find you irresistible and your charms attract affections and you can deal with people beautifully.

However all of you are going to feel the impact to some extent of Mars this month as he squares your Suns, so there will be times when somebody will be a little caustic, possibly a family member or someone sharing house space. A few harsh words and confrontations are possible. Stubbornness can be the root cause and Taureans are often guilty of that.

However if born May 3rd to 10th, Jupiter brings extra wisdom, insight and opportunities to see clearly and with generosity which opens doors for you. Travel too is a source of joy and luck.

If born April 28th to May 2nd, you have Saturn opposing your Suns which can be quite stressful in terms of the impact from others who feel oppressive, or who are making demands on you, which could be valid or not, and only you can decide. However this same group have the power of regenerative, reinventing and rejuvenating Pluto with you now, which gives you the great ability to deal with anything with insight and wisdom. Also intellectual, metaphysical and long-distance concerns can be a source of great rejuvenation and insight, notably after the 20th. Even the challenges can become your gateway to breakthrough.

Also Neptune is smiling gently on all born April 23rd –25th. You benefit from friends and from working in cooperation with others. You reciprocate in terms of inspiration, comfort and insight into each other and can work together for the greater good, with the heart committed.

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