Sunday, 1 September 2013

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

September is a time when you have to look deeply into your often over-rationalised emotions, and issues of intimacy, empathy and complex financial dealings can be highlighted.  It’s a time to look into others feelings and circumstances and maybe offer you strengths.

However with Venus in compatible Libra before the 11th, all born after February 6th can enjoy harmony; and the mind and the heart combine. This too is a period of more than just opportunities for travel, but also a love of learning is underlined. However, after the 11th, all born after February 11th are focusing strongly and productively now, maybe of necessity, on career.

Mars is now in your opposite sign of Leo, affecting most you this month, which is a warning that there will be some rather assertive, even aggressive people around, who won’t give much leeway. You too are in forceful mode, particularly when it comes to ideological and intellectual issues… so ensure your own intractability does not exacerbate unnecessary standoffs.

Saturn is definitely a challenging energy now if born January 27th to 30th. For this group, career is proving in some way a challenge and blocks and restrictions are in the air. Lack of confidence needs to be fought, but reality checks abound. Time to bite a few bullets about whether you are knocking on the right door or where you just realise that only hard work, patience and self discipline will get you through., Authority figures may feel oppressive and reality check about others and self are in the air.

Between the 9th and 29th all of you however have the advantage of excellent communication skills, so any arguments or interchange with others proves your wisdom and effectiveness, especially around the 16th. If born in the last few days of January, embrace your ruler Uranus, as he brings a rare protracted drive to liberate yourself and to stand-up for your uniqueness of insight and to take a leap into a more innovative future. Eureka moments are in the air.

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