Sunday, 1 September 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

For Librans, the emphasis on the 12th house in September does incline you towards privacy and contemplation of yourself and your soul when issues and people from your past may be significant. Some retreat may be necessary for your psychological well being. However because Venus is in your sign before the 11th, all born after October 11th will have no choice but to respond to others who find you irresistible company and will demand much of it. Also it is a good time for shopping, getting hair done etc and for enhancing yourself as you are definitely in a good hair period and love and generosity abounds from your nature.

After the 11th all born up to October 16th may well find that finances get some sort of protection or at least a boost.

It is also true to say that all of you now have Mars supporting you at some point this month, giving you intelligence energy when dealing with others and brings determination.

However by contrast Uranus is opposing the Suns of those born October 3rd to 6th just as he has been doing on and off since April this year and will do until April 2014. This is an on-going journey of some circuitous and unexpected events, mainly emanating from other people. You are still meant to hang loose and remember that the change and unexpected events are actually catalysts to your own innovative future, even if it feels uncomfortable and insecure. You are waking up to your true need, yourself, your authenticity and your own unique abilities, and it is important to give others a little more freedom, as you need it yourself.

If born October 1st to 5th, the influence from Pluto right now is also forcing you to recognise that maybe an end of chapter is necessary as you empower self rather than be a slave to others, and domestic change may be part of this destined period of life, notably after the 20th.

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