Sunday, 1 September 2013

SCORPIO October24th - November 21st

September can be an extremely sociable time for your sign, emphasising your solar 11th house. It is good for working in concert with others for an externalised cause and also just for the joy of being with friends, with good communications and wisdom all around you.

For many of you before the 11th there will be much good being done behind-the-scenes and your compassion and empathy for others, particularly those in need, is significant.

However after the 11th, all born up to November 15th are looking good, feeling good with a very strong romantic motivation in their step. You are emanating attractive and magnetic vibes and you are looking a bit like a flame to a moth.

However Mars all month is challenging your energy particularly professionally, and there could be some power struggles, or at least discordant noises going on around colleagues or authority figures. Don’t be stubborn or over-controlling or you will meet resistance.

However Jupiter is kindly disposed towards those born November 5th to 12th. This is an excellent time for travel for this group and for intellectual happiness and success. New courses of study feel great and general luck is in the air.

However those born October 31st to November 3rd have Saturn on your case. This once every 30-year transit is bringing challenge that can be very rewarding if you rise to the occasion. You have to make him work for you. If you can’t beat Saturn.. join him in the demands he makes on you, which you need to recognise as good in the long run. Reality checks abound. However because you also have Pluto (your ruler) in a supportive mode, your insight and understanding to know exactly what should be done, particularly after the 20th, is profound

Finally Neptune is very sensitising still if born October 26th –28th. Your ability to connect with others emotionally/empathetically, especially in relation to love life and children, is powerful and your creative font is bubbling.

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