Sunday, 1 September 2013


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The significant T square that has recently been operating since late July between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, points to a powerful Uranian (apex planet) input on the world stage, which is left field, and anarchic and potentially this brings very dangerous action, from those with ruthlessness at heart. A “nothing left to lose” feel is in the ether.  Chemical weapons attacks being an example of an almost a psychopathic use of power. Syria is believed to be a Scorpio country and with Saturn currently in that sign, she is indeed facing some of the most serious reality checks about the regime, which rules her and the ruthlessness that humanity can sink too. Additionally this brings great restlessness from the repressed peoples of the planet and a sense of preparedness to take great risk in order to get heard. Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto, promotes a strong obsessive will for power.

 Very late last month, Jupiter, the USA ruling planet, was sitting right on the Sun of the USA birth chart, giving confidence and an expansive mood and a will to make a heroic mark on the world In foreign policy. Hence its proposed intervention in Syria. However In the mid two weeks of September, Obama’s chart is very difficult, with serious reality checks being indicated in any foreign venture (Saturn conjuncts his Neptune in his 9th house). Saturn however is exactly sextiling Pluto between the 18th and 23rd which is a stabilising influence and acts as a window of opportunity to combine power that is quite significant in terms of its transformational ability within structured systems. In others words the establishment can, for once, be guided by intelligent and wise use of power. Certain big players on the world stage however will need to seriously hold their nerve with great wisdom and indeed selective restraint, but intransigence is also concomitantly dangerously rife this month.

International involvement In Syria’s tragic circumstances are indeed indicated during this planetary line up. The saving grace is that authority figures in powerful international positions (Saturn) however will be motivated genuinely to use their own power (Pluto) in some way, to limit abuse of power by others. But of course, ironic unintended consequences are as probably inevitable, as the human condition, is flawed and so largely spiritually bankrupt when politicised/economic power is at work.

Meanwhile the British government has had to bow to powerful democratic pressures and Cameron has been forced to abandon  (just as Saturn squared his Moon) his bombastic ideas of joining the U.S. in military action against the Assad regime.  Pluto is now sitting right on England’s chart natal Sun and Midheaven (every 248 Years) indicating a real meltdown of her old colonial/imperialist sense of worldly influence and with Neptune conjunct England’s natal Pluto also right now (once every 165 years), a dissolving of her old traditional power on the world stage is definitely underway. Humility is needed..

The England chart also shows a very tricky mid September, suggesting that trouble and strife may be home grown.

Very turbulent days are indeed likely to be around 15th and 16th when Mercury exactly opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. The unexpected is in the air, geo physically and geopolitically. Misuse of power and impulse can prove dangerous, particularly also in Egypt (Libra) and with Mercury in Libra from the 9th that country is more vulnerable. Uranus being in the opposite sign to Libra will imply that Libra nations are going through a period of turbulence (including China) and a path to a new future is strewn with chaos, and of course, Pluto is also squaring Libra still from Capricorn. Power struggles simply dominate the planet. Factionism also rules and complicates. Neptune so strong now in Pisces, will very likely bring religious martyrdom as a lethal weapon into conflicts.

It is also interesting that Brazil (Virgo country) is in some social chaos, as many in that country are rejecting the results of its recent economic boom, (now faltering) as the fruits of this and the effects on its society have been seen as divisive and destructive, destroying the soul of the country in the eyes of many of its people.. Neptune in Pisces opposing Virgo now,  (every 165 years) is a force calling for a need for a shift in values. Rampant unchecked capitalism is felt in the bones and the waters of many, to be a force for destruction and division.  The so called emerging economies, including India (Capricorn) are seeing a significant slow down, because we have to learn that the capitalism we have engendered in the last 30 years, is just not sustainable… which Pluto in Capricorn has been flagging up loud and clear since 2007/08

Neptune, positively, now calls for redemption and a rebalancing.

On the plus side (ha!), the arts are favoured this month with Mars in Leo. Energy put into the creative font will be well used.  Positive days are around the 6th and 7th and the 26th/27th when some harmony is in the air courtesy of benign Jupiter input..

The new Moon falls on the 5th at 13° of Virgo and the full Moon falls on the 19th at 26° of Pisces. The old agricultural law of sowing on the new Moon and reaping on the full Moon is as true metaphorically in our lives, as it is in the cycles of crop growth and change. We reap what we sow.

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