Sunday, 1 September 2013

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

September may focus many of your minds onto the necessary issue of financial security. Much can be done to help secure that, through good communications and indeed all of you after the 9th will find that your intellectual strengths are enhanced, and also if born after August 10th your mind is softened by your emotions and affections in a way that is enhancing of all relationships.

After the 11th all born up to August 14th can spend time happily enjoying love and harmony in the domestic/family situation.

Mars is in your sign all month, suggesting that for all of you at some point there will be a tremendous drive and ambition to achieve something that is important to you and you will be a little like a steamroller in terms of energy and will. Just be careful it doesn’t tip over into something that attracts people who somehow want to block you.

Uranus is now in his rather rare harmonious angle to the Suns of those born August 2nd to 5th. For this group there is stimulation and excitement and opportunities far afield and also intellectually in terms of higher study and metaphysical interests. Wanting to wake up to higher truths and using your intuition is strong now and wake up calls can come when travelling or studying.

After the 20th it is not impossible that some of you may get the green light to start reinventing yourself when it comes to career opportunities and it may well be that if born July 30th to August 3rd, pressure from reality checks prompt a sense of urgency to get your house in order.

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