Sunday, 1 September 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Professional responsibilities are underlined this month and you have to shine even if you may be reluctantly doing so. Ensure before the 9th that if born after December 7th your communications are understood loud and clear and vice versa. After the 9th however all of you will feel more serene. Friends will be supportive and communications are smooth.

This month does hold most promise from social life for all of you born after December 10th when romance and friendship can link, and your ability to be a compassionate leader in a group situation stands you in good stead.

All of you this month will benefit from Mars in Leo which absolutely points to the power of travel and much energy put into overseas activities in a constructive and fiery way, but ensure that you don’t hang on to problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Uranus too is a bonus now if born December 2nd to 5th. He is bringing excitement, awakening, new freedoms, new liberations, new roads to travel and a new, innovative future, particularly relating to romance and offspring issues. There is an excitement and a buzz in the air and your own uniqueness and belief in your own authenticity is growing and is strong, and your intuitive powers should be listened to.

Finally Neptune is a little confusing now for all born November around 25th to 27th and has been for some time. Nothing is clear-cut or certain. Make no major decisions.  Your security feels wobbly and you are not sure where this journey is going. Your ego is downgraded of necessity. Trust your heart but don’t become a victim of delusion or illusion. Get advice from people who seem very grounded. The dissolving of the old you is underway while a new one is slowly taking shape.

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