Sunday, 1 September 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is your solar return month therefore a time of celebrations and to shine, and intellectual assets are certainly underscored if born after September 7th. After the 9th your communication skills benefit you all financially and with Venus before the 11th helping out, you are all able to charm your way a little into financial benefit and enjoy the goodies that money can buy.

However after the 11th if born up to September 15th, Venus moving you into your solar 3rd house inclines you to use your heart as well as mind when communicating

Mars however is in your solar 12th house now for all of you. It’s a time when you do really need to be wary of sitting on anger and seething as it can damage the body and then erupt in inappropriate circumstances because of a lack of honesty about what you feel at the time.

Jupiter is protective now in a way that is allowing you to grab good opportunities intelligently if born September 5th to 12th. Friends are benefactors and your confidence in groups is strong. You are not so self-effacing as usual and a feeling of well being is in the air.

For all born August 30th to September 3rd, you have Saturn and Pluto both bringing the ability to use really mature, measured intellect and discipline to ensure that you achieve your goals related to creativity, romance and offspring issues. You can channel almost occult powers through practical, structured systems.  It is also wonderful for the artist and for those who want some permanence in their emotional life, notably strong after the 20th.

Neptune is counselling still all born August 26th-28th to not take anyone at face value and your boundaries are weak and you are vulnerable, so protect self.

The full Moon falls in Pisces on the 19th and this is therefore a significant date for those born around 19th September, when others reveal their truth in some way.. Whilst on the 5th when the Moon is new, all born around September 6th will feel a spring in their step and a sense of control over new beginnings.

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