Sunday, 1 September 2013

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

A late summer holiday calls and this can combine with expansion of the mind, notably for all born in January. After the 11th, all born up to January 13th have the support and love of friends. Love also is constructively combined with intelligence.

Very blessed are those born January 3rd to 10th as Jupiter opposing your Suns now and is bringing expansions of horizons geographically and metaphorically and it is also tempting to great self-indulgence, even if it is great fun. Relationships are certainly flourishing with new, wise people and from different corners of the world. Enjoy, but use a little moderation.

Meanwhile those born December 28th to January 14th have Saturn (your ruler) and Pluto directly affecting them. This is an amazing and rare powerful period to combine discipline and measured, constructive wisdom with power to achieve and to show your true potential, not least after the 20th when Pluto moves direct. Don’t under-estimate your regenerative influence over others, or indeed, other people’s ability to empower you now, especially in a group context, and your intellect is incisive and you’re understanding is deep.  This is exceptional as a combination in its ability to allow you to achieve what may seem impossible to others.

Neptune is also now very favourably inclined for those born around December 22nd-24th. He is enhancing your Sun as he has been on and off since last May (a once every approximately 42 year event). The message is to open your heart, allow your spiritual side to expand, to listen to and encourage your creative gifts and stop just being a human “doing” for a while and try just to be a human “being”.  Smell the roses and listen to the wind. Empathy is growing and values are changing within you. Enjoy.  Some things need the heart to assess them and not just the measurement of logic or of material worth; and this is part of your realisation now.  You may benefit from realising that you can be a little more unconditional with others too.

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