Sunday, 1 June 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Your curiosity and intellectual ability is tweaked and good communications are a bonus this month. Mercury retrograde however from the 7th will suggest that you need to be aware that sometimes computers, cell phones, transport can be a little less than reliable, notably from the 17th, and between the 7th and 17th double check that arrangements within the family and domestic context are understood and clear.

Before the 23rd Venus in your solar 2nd house can be advantageous financially, and after the 23rd heart and brain combine to win people over.

Jupiter is currently squaring the Suns of those of you born April 9th-17th.  There’s a sense of extravagance for this group, not least in the arena of real estate and family expenditure. Self-indulgence abounds, but good times are in the air. A little moderation and a downgrading of complacency and over reaching however will not go amiss.

Mars will be in your opposite sign of Libra all month, exactly opposing the Suns of those born March 29th to April 8th. Because he is notoriously in such conflict with Pluto and Uranus this month, particularly mid-month, this group of Aries may find a little bit of turmoil is re-enacted in their life, as was true last April/May.

This group will find other people are confrontational. You will be restless and volatile. There is a fear of being controlled and the ingredients are potentially quite explosive. What matters is that you maintain equilibrium, are not too impulsive, that you keep your temper in check, but without repression. Keep calm, cool, look deeply inside yourself to understand what buttons are being pressed about your fears and sense of security. Avoiding impulsive reactions and decisions is a good plan. Be conscious and rise above power games and manipulation.  Draw lines around those who would use such subversive techniques. This is a time of change and it will go well if you are controlled and conscious.  Watch out for purity of motive.

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