Sunday, 1 June 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

June is an excellent time for vacations and travel, and because Mercury is retrograde from the 7th, be aware that holiday plans and travel schedules can suffer from a few glitches, Between the 7th and 17th professional issues are subject to delays and colleagues can prove tricky, but for those born after October 17th, from the 17th there is also a good chance of you finding the space to successfully review your goals in life, rather than persistently pushing them forward.

Venus after the 23rd is very favourable for all born up to October 3rd. Romance and creative issues can meld well in an international context and travelling with those you love is a very happy combination..

Mars currently is spanning the degrees of 9 to 17 in your sign, affecting directly all born October 2nd to 12th. For this group two possibilities are likely. Your will either be overly assertive or suffer from over-assertion from other people, and impatience is strong and a general sense of confrontation is powerful which can be good. Alternatively It can also give great energy and drive and ambition to achieve what you want to, but the impact on relationships and other people’s moods will be strong. However because of the opposition to Uranus from Mars, currently so powerful in the ether, and also the square to Pluto, (strong T square) around mid-month which affects this same group, volatility and power struggles are potentially in the air. Keep squeaky clean, keep detached, and count to ten. Ensure your motives are spotless.

Many of you will find that others are behaving rather unpredictably and in a rebellious fashion. Others are potentially creating a new future for you, but it can feel uncomfortable, but they are catalysts for ultimately more enlightenment and freedom. Change is a one of the certainties in life. This may be a time when you realise that your battle between self surrender and self assertion is really tested . Being assertive when it is for the greater good may be a must now.

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