Sunday, 1 June 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Focus will be largely on home and domestic issues – no running away from realities. Mercury moves retrograde on the 7th and before that date those born at the very beginning of Pisces around March 20th/21st have an opportunity to get much achieved before Mercury makes things very difficult to complete and things just get blocked, and from the 17th all born after the 14th March have to be very careful that they articulate their messages very clearly as misunderstandings are in the air.

Before the 23rd most of you will fortunately have the benefit of heart combined with mind and creativity is strong. After the 23rd if born up to February 28th you need to have a care about lack of moderation in spending especially connected to real estate.  Indeed Mars position suggests some of you may find yourselves forced to deal with complex money matters.

Jupiter however smiles benignly on those born March 10th to 18th. He brings luck and growth in love, creativity, children’s issues and travel. A distinct feeling of well being is around.

Meanwhile if born March 6th to 10th, obligation and duty is your master, and hard work of an academic/philosophical sort is requested of you and dutiful travel is in the air.

Your ruler Neptune moves retrograde in your own sign on the 9th suggesting that for all born around February 25th to 27th there is a period of increased desire for retreat and sensitivities strengthen. This group are in evolutionary mode: a metamorphosis of sorts. Go with the journey, but keep a handle on life.

However if born March 2nd –5th, Pluto is currently bringing a real sense of intellectual power to your grasp. You are looking into things deeply and forensically. You are able to empower your self and others via a very strong sense of purpose or even a sense of destiny and you can bounce back from problems and reinvent yourself through a new transformational sense of mind over matter.

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