Sunday, 1 June 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

June is a good month to rationalise your work situation and to make it more effective and to shine more, and also to take a long, hard look at how you can improve health issues and to maximise your fitness.

Mercury moving retrograde on the 7th will bring a need to recognise that there can be misunderstandings in communications with others and arrangements can go awry unless there is consolidation of detail, and after the 17th when Mercury moves back into Gemini, this is also applicable to work and colleagues. Ensure you are reading from the same page.

However before the 23rd all of you  have Venus in your solar 5th house, suggesting there is potential for romance, fun and creative fulfilment, and fertility is also potentially in the air.

Mars is in not so friendly an angle to your sign now, particularly for those born December 30th to January 9th who will have to be a little aware that others are on the warpath, especially professionally and your impatience and lack of tolerance is at a high point. Don’t rush into things and count to ten before getting into any altercation.

Mid month when Mars activates Uranus and Pluto, many of you born from January 3rd to 9th need to be wary of impulse, temper and avoid risky situations. Issues are being churned up again so as to bring the need for resolution. Neptune however is bringing a little magic to the lives of those born December 29th-31st. Emotional/spiritual and creative change is beautiful.

Jupiter however is very magnificently placed now if born January 10th to 18th. Opposing your Sun, he is bringing opportunities for growth, travel, expansion, but the danger is over-reaching, over-confidence and over everything, and be careful about falling for people who promise you the earth.

The new Moon of the 27th, falls opposite the suns of those born December 27th-29th and suggests for this group that novel circumstances and people and new starts are in the ether.


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