Sunday, 1 June 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

This is a time of year when you cannot avoid but to get into your natural space of being profound and examining the underbelly of the human condition in order to face some truths of life. Dealing with complex financial issues is also very much part of the picture, as indeed are complex emotional issues.

Mercury however, retrograde from the 7th, means that you need to be very careful when it comes to handling relationships and finances, and to ensure that there isn’t room for confusion and misunderstandings and delays are inevitable.

However before the 23rd Venus in your opposite sign of Taurus augurs well for many of you for having a greater ability for attracting Cupid’s powers to your door, and your consideration of other people is reciprocated. After the 23rd, financial dealings are harmonised because of generosity from you to others and vice-versa.

Jupiter is very positively placed now if born November 12th to 20th. For this group, travel and oversees issues augur very well, as do intellectual pursuits. Higher education flourishes and a sense of well being, growth, luck and wisdom is strong. Positive results are manifesting.

However if born November 8th to 13th, Saturn is sitting right on your Suns again, as he did last November/December. Reality checks are in the air. You have to face facts, work hard, have discipline and patience, and acknowledge karmic boomerangs. It is a time also to look after health and to recognise that sometimes there is no gain without pain.

Pluto your powerful ruler is now in his rare (every aprox 124 years) sextile to the suns of those born November 4th-7th.  He is so affecting this group till the end of next year. The effect is to give a boost to your personal power to be determined, able and passionate, with insight and sense of regeneration with added forensic power to your communications and insight..

Neptune meanwhile is enhancing the idealism and creative and spiritual sensibilities of those born round October 31st. Empathy and emotional responsiveness flourish and people notice.

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