Sunday, 1 June 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

The period ruled by Gemini is positive for Leos when it comes to social life and working with other people. It is also good for humanitarian pursuits. Friendships become particularly poignant and important in your life, but after the 17th when Mercury is very much underway in retrograde motion, are aware that you will need to ensure that you don’t take it personally when friends are a little bit flaky or vague, and certainly check out arrangements for accuracy.

Use the period before the 23rd to show your generosity and charms in your career to your advantage and thereafter, all born up to July 28th will be even more the recipient of a good social life and positive friendship input.

If born August 2nd to 11th Mars is now also currently on your side because your thinking is assertive and constructive and your energies reflect a positive attitude towards life, based on intelligence and harmony.

However for those born August 8th to 12th there is also a strong input from Saturn now, which is forcing you to remember the realities of life and bringing some karma to your door as he did last November/December. Family and karmic issues will not run away. They need addressing and blocks, restrictions, delays, duties and obligations all need to be faced and not kicked into the long grass, but some delays will be temporary. This is also a time to remember that you are not getting any younger, so take care of you body.

However, very positively Uranus is impacting those born August 8th to 10th, so there is another energy at work. Uranus is trying to awaken you to a new future, a necessary one, but it maybe outside your comfort zone, but which will offer a challenge and a chance to individuate. Other countries and long-distance pursuits are definitely inspiring and can be very positive and liberating. Opportunities for further education or metaphysical study can offer some you awakened liberation too

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