Sunday, 1 June 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

June can be a time accentuating your tendency to want to withdraw a little, to be a little private and to contemplate, and behind-the-scenes issues are important to address.

Mercury retrograde from the 7th, if born June 22nd to 24th, makes one feel a little as though things are put on hold by the end of the first week and indeed for many of you, a feeling of alienation from the world is likely to be experienced, but it is temporary. Communications need to be in private and only with those with whom you feel comfortable and trust.

Before the 23rd however Venus will make you all torn between the demands of friends wishing you to be part of the action, versus a desire for retreat. Try and get balance. After the 23rd you may find that you are comfortable and happy to be in alone and love life can thrive in privacy.

Mars is not too comfortably placed towards the Suns of those born July 1st to 11th. People with whom you share house space may be a little impatient and over-assertive and your own energy may seem to others to be a little overbearing. Caution before action is advised.
Pluto and Uranus mid-month are definitely being activated, causing quite a lot of challenge also for those born July 4th to 9th. The T-square with Mars created is stressful. This is a time of unpredictability, change and some power struggles. Keep a clear conscience, be flexible and know this is the time of growth, brought to your door through necessary stresses. Trust!

However born July 12th to 20th Jupiter is sitting right on your Sun in his once every 12 year visitation. For you, there is luck in love and money and it is great for travel and inner and /or outer growth. Work and health can be protected and enhanced. Just beware over-confidence.

If born July 7th to 12th Saturn lends a cautious hand, making you grounded, measured, and mature in matters of love, children and creativity. Hard work put in now is reward later.

Neptune continues to inspire those born June 28th-30th. Spiritual sensitivity grows.

The new Moon in you sign on the 27th affects those born June 26th-28th. This will be a time of initiating new chapters. You can sow good seeds.

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